Monday, September 24, 2012

Class at Archiver's

Saturday was a busy day.  First off we had Colton's first Karate tournament.  Grandpa and I were running late and got there JUST in time to see Colton's performance.  He had a little stage fright, so didn't do as well as he could have, but was cute as could be anyway.  First through third places in each group got a trophy.  Lucky for Colton there were only 3 in his group!

Afterwards I met my friend Mickie at Archiver's for a little Halloween class.  I don't normally take classes there but I thought the project was so cute.  Here is a photo of what we made.  The cards are little 3 x 3 cards.  I can't wait to adapt them to Stampin' Up! products.

I think the owl and the ghost are my favorites!
Sunday was spent working on a little project for my class attendees in October.  Oh, and watching the Broncos get beat! :(
Hope you all had a great weekend!  Thanks for stopping by.
Bye for now.

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