Friday, January 11, 2013


Stampin' up! Just announced at our Leadership conference, that they are going to offer a monthly subscription kit! This is a BRAND NEW concept for them!! This will be the solution for those of you who feel you can't participate in this hobby due to:

1. Lack of space
2. Lack of time
3. Lack of creativity

These monthly kits will have everything you need to create that month's project included except for scissors and adhesive!!!!

The subscription will be on-going until cancelled (which can be done at anytime).

They are offering a one-time "try it" kit for those that hesitate to commit. Another special kit will be the first "welcome" kit that will include a clear block for future use.

Now, if I were better at this new IPad of mine, I'd put a photo on here of the kit we were given!!!
But, I will have to do that later!

Ok, let's try this.....


  1. The pic made it. This will be awesome. Now no more excuses.

  2. If you could email me? I will give you the details on the pop up card you asked about on my blog