Friday, August 24, 2012



Later this morning I'm going to go take a class at The Craft Box in Golden Colorado.  We're going to make cards with the quilt technique.  SO COOL!  I will post my "creation" tomorrow.  The Craft Box is a store opened by a stamping buddy of mine, Sue Sterrett.  She and her partner brainstormed this wonderful idea.  The store is a "Goodwill" type of venture.  Gently used products.  It helps all of us "accumulators" clear out some of our impulse purchases as well as retired merchandise, etc.  They will buy items for a fair price, or you can simply donate the stuff.  I've given them several donations, but have MUCH more to go through here.  When I get to it, they will benefit!  If you live in the Denver Metro area, stop by and visit!  Classes are also available, in fact may teach one there myself soon.  Their address is: 15750 S. Golden Rd., Golden, CO 80401.  You can also find them on Facebook.!/thecraftboxgolden/info

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  1. looking for pictures of your Golden opportunity this weekend!