Monday, August 12, 2013

Difficult day - non stamping post

Yesterday was a difficult day for me.  As those who know me well are aware, my "baby" girl and her baby boy and hubby are moving away.  Jay got a great promotion and the family is moving to Chicago.  This breaks my heart but I have to admit it is a good thing for them.  The rest of us, however, will all miss them terribly.

They had a going-away shindig yesterday at one of their favorite places, The Platte Bar and Grill.  SO many turned out to wish them well and reminisce.  I enjoyed, SO MUCH, seeing all their friends come to see them off.  Many of their friends feel like my kids too...they have been around for so many years!

I just want to share this wonderful photo of my kids, taken by one of their friends yesterday.

Travis, his lovely wife Courtney. Megan and her wonderful husband, Jay. Lucas and his darling girlfriend, Jessica!
This group of people are the most important people in my and Lee's life!  Just missing the Grands!!!


  1. Hi Sharon, I feel your pain! my daughter and her new baby are moving to Houston on the 20th for her husband's job(he just graduated from School of Mines).

    1. I'm so sorry for you too! I am going to hate missing all the "firsts". Thank goodness for Face Time!